You can create any graphical design, without limitations.
And, to make it even more convenient we offer stunning
templates to choose from.

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Welcome screen

As the journey starts make sure people really get excited by visualising the venue where you want the event to take place. Select one of the beautiful venues or upload your own. Why not assume the event takes place under water, in the Capitol Building, on a cruise ship or in outer space? Now your event can take place anywhere you can imagine.

Imagine the impossible

Reception desks

Give delegates a welcome in style… Your style. Although we provide many templates and items to decorate your reception desk with, you can also choose to upload your own designs. Imagine yourself behind the desk to give them an extra warm welcome.

For sponsors it might be a very wanted area for extra exposure.

Select your favourite reception desk and add functional objects to create an even better experience.

Let the magic happen

Floor plans

Your event can take place anywhere you like. We’ve got some basic floor plans available but for best experience you can create the ultimate branded floor plan that matches the events’ theming without losing your corporate branding. Do you experience difficulties creating the event floor plan and having all spaces designed the way you would like? Our (3D)designers are very eager to start creating your designs.

Create the ultimate branding experience

Presentation rooms

You can choose from lots of different presentation rooms or upload your own artwork. You might consider to add sponsors to the artwork to give them extra presence.

Memorable events

Networking areas

Choose the background for the networking area that suits your event best. Rather want to use your own design? No problem, you can add custom artwork in all spaces.

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